Killing a tree is killing the future...

About Us

Mission Green Universe is a Campaign started by Ardhendu Biswas,”a teacher by profession, writer by passion and environment activist by choice” with a vision of creating A Global Green Culture especially through extensive plantation and nurturing green thoughts in everyday life universally.

Initially the campaign was started by Ardhendu Biswas but now there are more than 100 active volunteers actively working to create green culture in the planet. We have taken initiative of planting 10 million trees in coming 5 years starting from 2019. We are inviting volunteers across the globe to join hands with us to help the planet survive.

We are living in this world and enjoying the benefits of nature hence this is our very much responsibility to save the nature in return or else in no long time we will have to face the disaster we would not like to see.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to Bring the Ultimate Universal Green Revolution through the spread of Green Philosophy Or Green Culture and Creating A Sustainable Global Generation.

Our Mission

There are multiple initiatives that can be taken in order create green culture in the world. We are very much hopeful that the initiative will come up with a great movement across globe. 


  1. Saving earth from the fatality of global warming.
  2. Creating a pollution-free universe.
  3. Creating Awareness among the mass of the dangers of earth facing due to cutting trees.
  4. Creating global champions for the Green Leadership.
  5. Inspiring the coming generation for nurturing the environment from the early age.
  6. Distributing saplings free of cost.
  7. Encouraging the use of renewable resources.
  8. Campaigning against the use of plastics.
  9. Protecting animals’ right.
  10. Making plantation as a part of life and education.

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